Whether you’re a recent healthcare grad out hunting for the first big career role, or a seasoned healthcare professional making a change, there are some reminders that warrant repeating. You know that landing the interview is only half the battle. Great candidates can improve their chances of hire by executing proper post-interview follow-up efforts. Today, we’ll share some of those gentle reminders, including the overall importance of the post-interview follow-ups, along with tips for making your best impression when you do.

What a Proper Post-Interview Follow-Up Can Do for You

There are some obvious benefits of executing a post-interview follow-up message, especially for candidates within the healthcare job space. You’re in a care-based industry. Follow-up demonstrates you care about the process, in turn demonstrating you have the outlook likely needed to perform the job. If done correctly, your post-interview follow-up message reminds the hiring manager that you’re a strong consideration for the role. Here are other important benefits of making the extra effort to reach out post-interview.

Appreciation and Soft Skills

Reaching out to connect after the interview also provides you an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. It shows you have manners, professionalism, and people skills. Your resume might be jam-packed with education, qualifications, and credentials. But if you lack the soft skills needed for some roles, your resume might be put in the do-not-hire pile. Following up allows you another chance to prove you have those must-have soft skills.

Enthusiasm for the Role

How you follow up after the interview can demonstrate to the hiring manager just how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity. Be lively but not overly excited. Be inquisitive without prying. And look for ways to express your anticipation in learning more or taking the next steps in the hiring process.

A reminder of Your Candidacy

Some healthcare hiring managers are bogged down with more than just filling the role you have in mind. A well-placed follow-up initiative can be a great reminder. Bring your name back up to the top of their minds with a brief check-in and offer to connect for another interview. It’s that top-of-mind awareness that can make the difference between you getting the callback first or tenth in the line.

Various Methods of Post-Interview Follow-Up Initiatives

How you follow up after your interview can also help set you apart from other candidates in the running. A generic email, for example, will certainly check the box. But it won’t likely make a huge impact in terms of great impressions. Here are some ways to execute the post-interview follow-up with unique differentiating byproducts in mind.

The Old-Fashioned Card

Don’t be afraid to polish up your handwriting skills to draft a brief thank you card to put in the mail. While considered to be an outdated form of communication, there is something more personal about getting a piece of mail, specifically addressed to you with a signature. And it’s that personalization that will set you apart from others applying for the healthcare job.

An Email That Stands Apart from the Rest

Email is probably the best way to connect with a healthcare hiring manager. But don’t end up in the spam folder, and don’t copy and paste a canned message read about online. Instead, think customization with simple and easy-to-consume statements. Make your subject line noticeable with short, concise statements, including the title of the position for which you’re applying. Avoid casual tones. This is the place for personality-infused professionalism. Read it aloud and verify it would make sense to say to the hiring manager directly before you hit send.

A Follow Up Phone Call

If you’re in healthcare, you’re in the people business. Conversation is king. So, it’s no surprise that a phone call post-interview is a pretty solid move. Where some healthcare job candidates slip up is with what happens next. Be prepared to have the conversation before you call. And know ahead of time what you plan to say should you get voicemail.

What Every Post-Interview Follow-Up Conversation Should Have

Regardless of which method you prefer to use when following up after your interview, make sure the message, written or verbal, contains the same few key points.

  • Emphasize your qualifications.
  • Promote yourself as the ideal candidate.
  • Fix anything that went wrong during the interview.
  • Say anything you forgot to mention in your interview.
  • Say thank you.
  • Restate your contact information.

After you’ve had the interview, don’t presume you’re done. Now it’s time to schedule your prompt post-interview follow-up initiatives. Every scenario is different. And the healthcare hiring manager may be able to outline a timeframe to which you should adhere. But be sure to include those follow-up efforts, especially if you’re keenly intent on landing the role.

As always, for more interviewing best practices, or if you need help with finding your dream healthcare role, let InSync Healthcare Recruiters be your guide!

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