8 Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Recruiting Partner

Today’s healthcare workplace calls for a new playbook for hiring. It’s just a different landscape now, making it tougher to find and hire the right-fit medical and healthcare professionals. Sure, the traditional methods of posting ads and conducting interviews can still be effective. But to really find the candidate gems you’re looking for, with all the right skills and medical expertise your organization needs, it’s best to have a healthcare recruiting partner.

Here are some of the peak advantages of working with the right team of professionals when augmenting your healthcare teams. If you’ve been unconvinced or on the fence about working with a recruiter, keep reading. These are the benefits you might decide you can’t live without in today’s hiring landscape.

1. Healthcare Recruiting Partners Have Better Tools

As an HR professional or hiring manager within your healthcare company or practice, you won’t always have the very latest tools and resources available for finding, vetting, and hiring candidates. But when you work with a healthcare recruiter, you’ll be able to leverage all the best tools needed to source experienced clinical professionals. These might include strategies or software solutions you didn’t know existed or couldn’t justify investing in yourself.

2. Recruiting Firms Will Increase Productivity

Trying to verify references, confirm certifications, and follow up on listed experience, you’ll find yourself spending an awful lot of time with each potential candidate. When you work with a healthcare recruiting partner, those professionals can handle all of those pre-interview vetting requirements on your behalf, only submitting qualified applicants for each role. Imagine how productive you’ll be when you save all that time and effort!

3. Access to a Broader Pool of Healthcare Professionals

Across your own networks and various job boards, you’ll find you only have access to a limited number of active candidates. But when you choose to partner with a healthcare recruiting partner, you’ll be able to broaden your horizons to include an even bigger pool of active and passive professionals considering a career move. Cast your net wider with the right recruiting firm and have access to an even more diverse collective of potential new hires.

4. Hiring Flexibility

Not every role you’ll need to fill will be the same. Positions and requirements will vary from C-Level professionals to entry-level openings. And working with a great healthcare recruiting partner will allow you to leverage the flexibility needed to accommodate these job hiring variances. Whether you need temporary placement now or more perm placement later, the agency can supply you with qualified candidates. Even part and full-time roles are easily filled when you work with the right partner.

5. Faster Placements

Because you’ll have great access to candidates, pre-vetted and ready for evaluation and interview, you can move through the interviewing process faster with more precise hiring results. Avoid wasting months trying to fill an open healthcare position you can fill in a matter of weeks. With the right healthcare recruiting partner in your corner, you’ll find out how quickly you can fill your openings ongoing.

6. Cost Savings

How much money and how many resources are you currently spending on ads, pre-screening measures, and applicant tracking systems? Partnering with a healthcare recruiter means alleviating these and other costs associated with the time-consuming steps in hiring practices. And even more costly can be the misstep of hiring the wrong-fit healthcare candidate. It’s an unavoidable risk in any hiring scenario. But poor-fit candidates are more easily avoided with the right recruiting partner providing you with top-notch candidates for consideration.

7. Filling More Technical or Skilled Positions

Not all agency partners are created equal. So, you’ll want to be diligent about choosing the right firm to help with your healthcare hiring. But when you do find the best partner, you’ll have an easier time with those hard-to-fill positions that require more in-depth expertise, more technical knowledge, or more precise skills. Even the hardest-to-fill openings can be a breeze when you have the right team of professionals helping you source qualified candidates.

8. The Growth and Innovation Aspect

When you’re able to move quickly to fill new healthcare roles and introduce more qualified candidates to the team, your healthcare organization or private practice can grow more quickly. You’ll also be able to contribute in an innovative way, bringing in talent with cutting-edge training and expertise. As a hiring manager, you can work with an agency partner to not only make light work of openings but also help your organization grow and scale with more services, better care, and innovative new insights.

Now that you recognize all the benefits of working with an agency to help with your healthcare recruiting, you’re ready to find the right partner. Look no further than InSync Healthcare Recruiters! Contact our team and put all these advantages to work for you! From time-saving methods and cost-saving benefits to quick placements and incredible candidates, we can help you do all of the above and more!

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