10 Year Business Anniversary

InSync Healthcare Recruiters opened as a small recruitment firm in 2011, focusing on helping small to medium-sized private practice groups. It was this group of healthcare organizations that needed a better way to find top talent. These small and medium-sized offices weren’t going to hire lofty-priced recruitment firms. What they needed most was a recruiting partner that could understand their unique operating dynamics and be able to find and attract the best candidates for each healthcare role. They needed recruiters who could operate as an extension of their own HR departments. InSync Healthcare Recruiters became just that and continues to be a valuable partner today.

InSync Healthcare Recruiters owner and founder, Vicky Rinehart, recognized the recruiting challenges of these small and medium-sized private practice groups. She also had plenty of private practice group experience, including riding a wave of corporate buy-outs. She applied her experience and private practice recruiting lessons learned into developing new solutions, customized for the small and medium-sized market. This is her story of success.

I started working in recruiting for a small physicians group in Phoenix that provided primary care services to geriatric patients in skilled nursing facilities. The group slowly started growing from a handful of doctors to 20. Then the specialty of a “hospitalist” started to develop and our group was at the forefront of the hospitalist movement. We grew from 20 physicians to over 120 in a short period of time.

It wasn’t long before private equity groups took notice, and my once small private group eventually sold. As an almost immediate response to the buy-out, I watched many friends, and colleagues leave the company. And the entire culture changed. This wouldn’t be the first private practice acquisition I would experience, either.

It was after working through the second change in ownership that I decided it was time for me to do something different. With the support of my family and with my many years of recruiting expertise, I ventured out to share my knowledge with other small private practice groups in a more meaningful way. InSync Healthcare Recruiters was born and continues to be my passion today.

For many years, I directed the company operations myself, including all of the recruiting efforts. I developed the InSync mission, and the primary objective would be to offer personalized, exceptional candidate service and to become the partner of choice for small to medium-sized healthcare organizations. As we grew, I brought in the best of the best recruiters for the InSync team, prioritizing the personalized experience for our clients. Our company growth would depend on the success of our clients. Today, we have a winning team of professional recruiters who understand that goal.

Throughout our success as a company, we’ve certainly had a lot of fun. There has also been a great deal of hard work, planning, and execution strategies. When I first set out on this business venture, I had no idea how many wonderful people I would meet and collaborate with, nor did I anticipate just how instrumental InSync would be to so many private practice group clients. And while we may have countless recruiting partnership success stories under our belt, there is still more work to be done. Today’s healthcare recruiting market continues to shift, and private practice groups need the right partner now more than ever.

As we navigate these new hiring environments together, I want to personally thank our dedicated team of recruiters and staff who continue to be instrumental in our company’s success. Appreciation is also due to our current roster of loyal clients and candidates. Let’s tackle whatever comes next, and know we’ll be the valued partner to see you through any new challenges. At InSync Healthcare Recruiters, as we celebrate our past ten years of service, we look forward to another amazing ten years to come!